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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Keene Housing Expands Solar a Third Time, Advancing Clean Energy

Solar PV for Keene Housing now totals 260.33kW’s. Image: ReVision Energy

Access to solar energy is expanding once again for those in need in New Hampshire’s Monadnock region. In 2018, Keene Housing (KH) added solar arrays to its Harper Acres property. In 2019, in the second round of clean energy transitions for the affordable […]

First-of-Its-Kind Community Solar Project Completed in Charlestown, NH

The 100kW AC Charleston Community Solar project is member-owned and a first-of- its-kind for New Hampshire. Image: Norwich Solar Technologies.

Steve Snyder

A first-of-its-kind community solar-electric project located in Charlestown, NH was completed in December 2020. This project allows member-owners to receive on-bill credits for their ownership share of the solar array’s net-metered electric […]

Mobile Energy Solution to the Rescue

The Solar Sea Can Solution by Great Canadian Solar is a highly mobile, compact and flexible off-grid solar energy system for any remote power requirements. Image: Great Canadian Solar

Green Energy Times Staff

There are lots of reasons to have mobile solar systems complete with batteries. They can supply electricity when the […]

How Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Are Easier on The Environment

Danielle Ferguson

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have many features that make them superior to other battery technologies. They are lightweight and versatile. They have a long lifespan and a fast recharge rate. They can also withstand cold, heat, collision, and mishandling during charging and discharging without risk of combustion.

But are lithium iron phosphate […]

Saxtons River Solar Electric Becomes Ridgeline Renewables

George Harvey

Father and daughter, Eric Shenholm and Anya Bredbeck. Photo courtesy of Ridgeline Renewables.

For a small company, Saxtons River Solar Electric (SRSE) shows up on our pages quite a lot. We published several articles about this innovative company and numerous others that mention it. There will very probably […]

Bhima Nitta Had a Dream!

One of the two solar arrays installed at T&M Enterprises in Shaftsbury, VT. This array, located in Bennington, produces the majority of the power while a smaller roof-mounted array accounts for the rest. Combined, the two arrays have a capacity of 180kW. Photo: Karen Jernigan.

Power Guru Reaches Bhima’s Goal, Carrying on […]

Small Solar Saves Everyone Money – Yes, “Everyone”!

Solar array on MassDOT Highway Division office property in Northampton, MA. MassDOT photo

George Harvey

All solar photovoltaics (PVs) have one very special characteristic. While they only produce electricity during daylight hours, they also produce at just the time electricity demand is at its highest. This is particularly important because they replace the most […]

One Advocate’s Energy Plan: Electrifying Energy Needs

Wyldon King Fishman

The 2020 New York State Renewable Energy Summit ended with a mission statement: “Does your town have an energy plan?”

All the solar installers agreed New York State could install far more renewable energy if the barriers would fall a bit rather than creep up and up as they have over the […]

Norwich Solar Technologies – One of Vermont’s Best Places to Work

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VERMONT, January 21, 2020 – – has earned the distinction of being named one of the 2021 Best Places to Work in Vermont. Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce announced this week the top Best Places to Work in Vermont 2021.

The awards program was created […]

W. S. Badger Company: Practicing Sustainability

The 486.7kW rooftop solar array at W.S. Badger is expected to generate approximately 600,000 kWh of clean electricity per year which will cover 100% of Badger’s electrical needs. Photos courtesy W.S. Badger.

George Harvey

The September issue of Green Energy Times had an article about a solar array […]