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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Edging Ever Closer to 100% Renewable

Hanover, New Hampshire

A 68 kW solar system at the Water Reclamation Facility in Hanover. Images courtesy of Sustainable Hanover, unless otherwise noted.

Nancy Serrell and Robert Taylor

“Change is happening,” says Yolanda Baumgartner, co-chair of Sustainable Hanover, the town committee working with officials to accomplish Hanover’s commitment to 100% renewable energy. “We are […]

New Hampshire Sustainability Innovation Conference Recap

Randy Bryan

New Hampshire Climate Action (of the League of Conservation Voters) held a first NH Innovation Conference for Climate Solutions via Zoom on February 24. It was well organized by Seth Paulson-Sacks of Climate Action. Panelists were NH State Senator Tom Sherman, ReVision Energy’s Kimberly Quirk, University of New Hampshire’s Clay Mitchell, and me, […]

Renewable Energy at our NY and VT Statehouses

The Empire State Plaza in Albany. Kurtman12208, released to the public domain.

George Harvey

Two of the states in the Northeast made some progress with renewable energy projects at their statehouses recently. One is New York; the other is Vermont. The changes made at these statehouses address entirely different issues in […]

Renewable Energy Secures Military Functionality

Ribbon-cutting for a solar micro-grid at Fort Hunter Liggett, CA. U.S. (Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District, public domain.

George Harvey

Oxymoron is a word for a term that appears to be self-contradictory, such as “jumbo shrimp.” An old friend of mine had a bumper sticker that read, “I was an oxymoron.” In […]

Renewables Rule and Solar Shines Brightest

George Harvey

A field of solar arrays. (American Public Power Association, Unsplash,

In its last issue, Green Energy Times had an article, “EIA Projects Huge Decline for Natural Gas Generation” ( With new information from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), we can say more about that and the implications for […]

Clean Energy Investments

Can the Remarkable Run Continue?

The windy region in California between the San Jacinto and San Bernardino mountains is a perfect place for harvesting wind. Photo Erik Wilde/Wikipedia Commons.

Todd M. Walker and Craig R. Walker

What a year 2020 was for clean energy investments of virtually all kinds – from solar to wind, […]

News from the Sun Day Campaign

Back-to-back FERC and EIA reports show strong start for solar and wind in 2021: Solar electrical production grows 21.7% while wind’s output increases 6.6%. Solar and wind are the only sources of new generating capacity in January.

Washington DC – According to a review by the SUN DAY Campaign of data just released by the […]

Dartmouth College: Renewable energy careers bootcamp!

This week, the Irving Institute is offering a “Renewable Energy Careers Bootcamp” series for students interested in renewable energy finance and careers in renewable energy more broadly. The bootcamp will feature three evening events: On March 23rd, Jordan Swett ’19 (Senior Finance Associate, Sunwealth) will provide a broad introduction to careers in the renewable […]

The True Meaning of Unobtanium

Do we really need this? (Chris LeBoutillier, Unsplash)

George Harvey

A video has been going around called “Unobtanium.” It was posted on YouTube, also with the name “What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar.” ( It tells us that renewable resources cannot supply us with all our energy, that the equipment used to make them […]

Fifth Annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair (virtual)

The fifth annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair will be held Saturday, March 6 from 10-4 pm. One can participate in: workshops, networking, an exhibition hall and in affinity groups which will provide an opportunity to “mingle” and “meet” new people. The Fair is sponsored by the non-profit Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment […]