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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Efficiency Vermont’s EEN Contractor Spotlight:

Kramer Services of South Londonderry, VT

Interview with Stephen Kramer, Master Plumer and President

Green Energy Times staff

How did you get started in this industry and your company? What is your area of expertise? I have been in business since 2004. We service and install equipment in VT from Manchester to Stratton, Mount Snow, […]

A Bunch of B.S.* (*Building Science, of course)

A Thermal Image Walk-Around

Nate Gusakov

Recently we were called to perform an envelope assessment for a house under partial renovation in Starksboro, VT. After some interior demolition work, the builders had noticed squirrel damage to the insulation in the wall cavities they had exposed. They subsequently asked us to do a thermal […]

Integrating Social Equity into Green Building

Image from:

James Wilson

The causes of social inequity and injustice are deeply rooted within the systems that shape our society, including the built environment. The built environment represents the literal foundation of our society’s presence in the world – from the smallest rural community to the largest city. The way […]

Factors That Determine Thermal Comfort

Comparison of window performance at different temperatures from “Window Performance forHuman Thermal Comfort,” by Center for the Build Environment, Nov. 2005. (

It’s Not Just the Thermostat!

Joanne Coons

When I was in elementary school, if my friend Wendy was cold in her house, her mother would have her run outside without a coat […]

Wright Construction Builds with Award-Winning Techniques

: The post and beam award-winning addition for this home in Ludlow, Vermont is nearlyfinished in this photo

George Harvey

Readers may remember that we have had articles in the past about Wright Construction Company, in Mount Holly, Vermont. The most recent appeared in June of 2018, and it addressed issues many builders never […]

Efficiency Vermont’s EEN Contractor Spotlight

Montpelier Construction of Barre, VT Interview with Malcolm Gray, Founding Partner

Malcolm Gray, Founding Partner of Montpelier Construction located in Barre, Vermont. Courtesy photo

Green Energy Times staff

What is your area of expertise? I’ve been building energy-efficient homes since the late 1970s. The definition of energy efficient has been a moving target the […]

A Bunch of B.S. (Building Science, of course!)

Up on The Roof

Nate Gusakov

The toolkit of an energy auditor is a fascinating collection of building science technology: infrared cameras, Wi-Fi-enabled digital manometers, blower doors, fog machines and combustion analyzer. It’s a lot of cool technology. Most of it runs on batteries or needs periodic calibration or has sensors that fail or software […]

A Question of Windows

The outer envelope upgrade was well underway during the summer, with taped Kohltech windows and Huber Zip System sheathing. All photos courtesy of H. Sloane Mayor.

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Windows. Light. Views. A contrasting relief to the inside of our homes. Also, an added expense, a challenge to keeping the inside temperatures under […]

The Great Indoors: Creating a More Healthful and Safer Built Environment

Reprinted with permission from Steven Winter Associates, Inc. April 16, 2020 blog at

Steve Winter Associates Team – Jayd Alvarez, Thomas Moore, Lauren Hildebrand, Maureen Mahle, and Peter Stratton

Ventilation on a rooftop. All images courtesy of Steven Winter Associates

As humans, we spend a lot of time indoors. Studies by the U.S. […]

Wright Builders, Inc. Develops EarthKind Homes

High-efficiency standards with low-embodied carbon for safe, healthy living with comfort in mind

George Harvey

There are a lot of labels used to describe the energy efficiency of buildings. We can start a list with LEED-certified, net-zero, net-zero ready, and HERS index, and add more to it. It is confusing, and if […]