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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Sustainable Hanover Event: Panels and EV’s and E-bikes, OH MY!

Join us Wednesday July 21 at the Hanover Farmers Market from 4-7 p.m. and meet ReVision Energy and Solaflect Energy associates in person. Sustainable Hanover will host a variety of electric cars and bikes – talk to their owners and learn how enjoyable going electric can be! If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated to a […]

50% off Amtrak Sale – Expires Thursday at Midnight

Besides the huge July 19th celebration, Amtrak is offering a 50% off sale for the travel on the Vermonter north of New Haven and entire route of the Ethan Allen — but you must book before the end of Thursday.

This bargain is NOT available at the regular Amtrak website. You have to go to […]

July 19th Celebration of Amtrak’s Resumption in Vermont

Amtrak resumes service in Vermont on July 19th — and plans are under way at every station (and on board) to celebrate!

A special $1 fare is being offered for July 19th only, between any points in Vermont. Reservations will be essential and can be made at

VTrans will provide bus shuttles to enable […]

Recycling Electric Vehicle Batteries

Giving EV batteries new life. When an EV reaches the end of its life in a new vehicle, it can be used for various “second life” purposes before being recycled into new batteries that power a new fleet of EVs.

Jiayu Liang and Nick Iannaco

Reprinted with permission from Volume 21, Winter […]

New Bus Station: Net-zero Electric with No Fossil Fuels

V-shaped roof of the transportation center, designed for rain water collection. Buses enter from this side and the back. (Polly Wheeler, BRD)

Barb Greg Whitchurch

Vermont’s mountainous, rural nature presents challenges to mass transit efforts. And private vehicle travel (especially in gas mobiles) is costing us all a lot with its air […]

Martha Vineyard’s 50% Electric Bus Fleet

Electric Buses Get Solar Charging And Battery Backup On Martha’s Vineyard

Buses charging under a solar canopy (Enel X)

The Vineyard Transportation Authority (VTA) announced it will add four electric buses to its fleet, bringing the total to 16, or 50% of its fleet. But what is most newsworthy about the VTA […]

What NH Needs for Faster EV Adoption

Outside charging stations should be widely available. (

Randy Bryan

I wish to revisit a topic discussed before, the profitability, or lack thereof, of electric vehicle charge station operators (EVSO). The issues are twofold: not enough plug-in vehicles (PEVs) on NH roads, and not enough fast charge stations.

We should […]

Electric Vehicles are Coming

Whether or Not our Infrastructure is Ready

Joshua Singer

Changes are coming to our roads, highways, and rest stops, many that you may have already seen. Companies such as Tesla, Chargepoint and EVgo are installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers at rest stops and in cities and towns across the country. This is a […]

How E-bikes Make Communities More Sustainable

Van Moof

Emily Wilson

So far, the speedy modernization of the transport industry has not benefited the environment. Sure, our love of travelling in speed, comfort and style has made things super convenient for us, but what about the planet, and what about our health? The sad truth is that our love […]

Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford Motor Company

How to GET Yours ASAP

N. R. Mallery, publisher of Green Energy Times

It looks like Ford is stealing a bit of Tesla’s thunder with an exciting new electric pickup truck. It is releasing the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck at a price that is very competitive, and […]