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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Information for vote Clean Energy at Hanover, NH Town Meeting in July

Hanover Community Power Webinar

So Just What Is Hanover Community Power? And What is “Electric Aggregation” All About?

Attendees at Hanover’s 2017 town meeting voted to become a Ready for 100 community, pledging to move the entire community to 100% renewable power by 2030 and renewable transportation and heating & cooling fuel […]

Big Batteries Enable Renewables

The Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant is, in effect, a huge battery. (Tennessee Valley Authority)

George Harvey

In recent news on electricity storage, one issue that has come up repeatedly is how long the supply will last. For example, lithium-ion batteries are sometimes said to be impractical for storing electricity for more than a few […]

Your Nest Has an Impact on Forest Health

Jessie Haas

Like birds and mice, we humans gather fibers from the wider environment to construct, line, and decorate our nests. Since we are a globally dominant species, our nest-building habits have a big impact on the environment, one that’s not always easy to see. It’s just a chair, it’s just a table. […]

Celebrating the Forest Industry

A typical logging site seen throughout the Northeast. (AdobeStock_114135548)

Eric Kingsley

Forests, and forest products, are the solution. When we think of so many of the nation’s challenges – rebuilding vibrant rural economies, managing our carbon footprint, ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations – it is clear that forests are a […]

Global Warming Is Killing Our Trees

Quaking aspens are just one type of iconic American tree species that’s losingground against global warming. (John Fowler, FlickrCC)

EarthTalk®, from the Editors of E – The Environmental Magazine

It’s true that climate change is already affecting tree distribution and forest cover in the United States (as well as everywhere), but only […]

Sustainable Forestry for Biomass, Building, and Products

What would happen if we left all the trees standing? Hemlock woolly adelgids can quickly destroy large stands of hemlocks. Shown is damage in Linville Gorge, North Carolina. (Steve Norman, U.S. Forest Service)

Personal opinion by George Harvey, not necessarily the opinion of Green Energy Times

Biomass is a very controversial subject. […]

Act Today: Shape the Future of Energy in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire 10-year State Energy Strategy is due for an update and your opinion matters. Help steer New Hampshire towards a greener and brighter future by submitting a public comment to the Office of Strategic Initiatives.

Some initiatives that we hope to see more of:

• Increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard for Class II […]

Action Alert–Save Standard Offer. Contact Legislators TODAY!

Renewable Energy Vermont is working hard to ensure that the Standard Offer program continues and we need your help. If legislators don’t take action this year, then next year will be the last Standard Offer RFP and this highly successful, cost-effective, diverse, renewable electricity market opportunity will end.

Senators need to hear from you now. […]

Interesting Ocean Energy Webinar Thursday @ 5pm EST!

Via the Dartmouth Marine Energy Collegiate Competition team Come to this talk! Thursday, May 8 | 5-6 p.m.

The Future of Marine Energy: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversation Join Dartmouth undergraduates Emily Martinez ’21, Michelle Wang ’21, Santiago Zamora-Castillo ’21, and Andres Rosales ’20 TH ’21 to learn about their efforts in the NREL 2021 […]

Town of Hanover’s Renewable Path

Closing in on 100% Renewable Energy

Hanover’s Grasse Road Solar Farm. This image shows the 702kW phase 1 solar array. Phase II will be sized at 1021kW. Courtesy image: Sustainable Hanover.


Robert Taylor and April Salas

In May 2017, Hanover residents endorsed a vision for achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2030, and heating […]