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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

OpenSash: Retrofitting Existing Windows for the Many Since 2010

: Glazing a window at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2014. Photo: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur.

Christopher Pratt

I began repairing windows in Portland Oregon in 2007. It was good work, but climate change was steering people toward energy efficient replacement windows that didn’t require storm windows. I was about to give […]

The Great Indoors: Creating a More Healthful and Safer Built Environment

Reprinted with permission from Steven Winter Associates, Inc. April 16, 2020 blog at

Steve Winter Associates Team – Jayd Alvarez, Thomas Moore, Lauren Hildebrand, Maureen Mahle, and Peter Stratton

Ventilation on a rooftop. All images courtesy of Steven Winter Associates

As humans, we spend a lot of time indoors. Studies by the U.S. […]

Wright Builders, Inc. Develops EarthKind Homes

High-efficiency standards with low-embodied carbon for safe, healthy living with comfort in mind

George Harvey

There are a lot of labels used to describe the energy efficiency of buildings. We can start a list with LEED-certified, net-zero, net-zero ready, and HERS index, and add more to it. It is confusing, and if […]

Groups Urge Biden to Use Existing Authorities to Cut Energy Waste, Carbon from Buildings

New ACEEE briefs give detailed recommendations for manufactured and federally backed housing, federal buildings

In a Biden administration, half a dozen federal agencies should use their authority under existing laws to create jobs, reduce consumers’ utility bills, and mitigate climate change by reducing energy waste from homes and buildings, a […]

Summer Park at Hanover

Summer Park Residences in Hanover, NH, is a Passive House certified, affordable housing building for seniors and those with disabilities. Twenty-four units are open with eighteen more under construction. Photos: Banwell Architects

Barbara and Greg Whitchurch

The Northeast is experiencing a housing crunch. Young families, college students, and new arrivals […]

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network Contractor Spotlight:

GSK Climate Control, Inc. of East Dorset, VT

Taylor Kristiansen, Secretary and Technician for GSK Climate Control, Inc. of East Dorset, VT. Courtesy photo.

Interview with Taylor Kristiansen, Secretary and Technician

What is your area of expertise?

GSK is a full-service mechanical contractor that serves […]

Windows in Winter: A Cool Little Microclimate, Part 2

Nate Gusakov

It’s a rough life being a window here in the Northeast U.S. You’re expected to let light in and out, heat in but not out, and, in addition, you have to morph from being a wide-open hole in the wall into transparent, blizzard-proof armor many times a year, and […]

New Frameworks and Glad Tidings

of Innovation at Happiness Hill

Fitting its surroundings. Photo: Stina Booth

By Taylor McNeely and Ben Graham

Marshfield, Vermont

At the Happiness Hill homestead in Marshfield, Vermont, there is much to celebrate and be happy for. Through the vision of talented builders and innovators, what began as […]

Thin Triple-pane Windows Brighten U.S. Market

Wendy Koch

Windows have advanced considerably over the decades, from drafty single-pane models to much better double-pane ones. Now, over just the past two years, thin triple-pane windows that offer a lot more insulation have entered the U.S. market. Such technology enables homes and buildings to save even more energy while being comfortable and bright, […]

Passive House at Maple Corner: Part 3

Barbara and Greg Whitchurch

In the previous issue of G.E.T., we wrote two articles about the Dawkins Passive House in Maple Corner, Vermont ( and Here in Part 3, we explore some of the issues that Meg and John Dawkins considered as they focused on their personal environmental impact, and on how and where […]