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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Integrating Social Equity into Green Building

Image from:

James Wilson

The causes of social inequity and injustice are deeply rooted within the systems that shape our society, including the built environment. The built environment represents the literal foundation of our society’s presence in the world – from the smallest rural community to the largest city. The way […]

Factors That Determine Thermal Comfort

Comparison of window performance at different temperatures from “Window Performance forHuman Thermal Comfort,” by Center for the Build Environment, Nov. 2005. (

It’s Not Just the Thermostat!

Joanne Coons

When I was in elementary school, if my friend Wendy was cold in her house, her mother would have her run outside without a coat […]

Cash for Your Refrigerants – Help for the Planet

Tradewater expanded their work globally in 2019 through a partnership with City Waste Recycling that resulted in the collection of 29,140 lbs. of refrigerants in Ghana. City Waste Recycling employees prepared stockpiled cylinders of CFCs for transport to a destruction facility in the United States where it was destroyed preventing the release of more […]

Book Review: The New Climate War

By Michael E. Mann, published by PublicAffairs (2021), 368 pages

Review by Roger Lohr

The book The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet by Michael E. Mann was released during the early months of the pandemic in 2020 by PublicAffairs books. In a story about efforts by what the author refers […]

The Ways of the Earth

The Earth is our common home. Image:

Alan Betts

There are fundamental truths about the Earth system that we must face in the next few years. The webs of deception from the last few years are receding, so we can now confront issues that have been invisible for a long time. Much of […]

Campton, NH School Energy Upgrade

The Campton Elementary School in Campton, New Hampshire. Courtesy photo: Froling Energy

George Harvey

In 2017, Green Energy Times ran an article, “Plymouth New Hampshire Regional High School Energy Efficiency Upgrades,” describing work done by Energy Efficient Investments (EEI) for New Hampshire’s School Administrative Unit 48 (SAU 48) to upgrade energy systems for Plymouth […]

Wright Construction Builds with Award-Winning Techniques

: The post and beam award-winning addition for this home in Ludlow, Vermont is nearlyfinished in this photo

George Harvey

Readers may remember that we have had articles in the past about Wright Construction Company, in Mount Holly, Vermont. The most recent appeared in June of 2018, and it addressed issues many builders never […]

Heating and Cooling your Home with Clean Technologies Demystified

Georgena Terry

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) recently released a new guide to heating and cooling, prepared for the Vermont Public Service Department. If you need to replace your home’s existing central heat or hot water system, are looking for additional space heat, need whole-home or space cooling, or if you’re building a new […]

Fifty-one Years and the Green Goes On

G.E.T. Staff

Started in 1970 by Governor Deane C. Davis, Green Up Vermont is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the stewardship of the state’s natural landscape and waterways and raise public awareness about a litter-free environment, culminating with a statewide clean-up event called Green Up Day. Always the first Saturday in May, […]

Restore Our Earth™ • Earth Day 2021

While every day is Earth Day at Green Energy Times, we are always happy to see the renewed focus come as April 22nd is approached every year. The first Earth Day happened on that date in 1970. In April, we see schools, communities, and businesses celebrate in their own ways to help protect our planet. […]