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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 15 Green Energy Times is Available!

The December 15 issue of Green Energy Times is now available online. You can download it as a pdf file HERE.

The print edition is being distributed and will be available at outlets starting December 15.

Individual articles are being uploaded and will be available online soon.

2 comments to December 15 Green Energy Times is Available!

  • Dear George Harvey,

    In response o your article titled “The Cost of Denial, When it happens at the Statehouse, we all suffer” I have a reaction to your paragraph that reads as follows:

    “Vermont Governor Phil Scott recently told reporters that climate change could turn out to be an “economic boon” for his state. “Climate change is going to happen. It’s happening,” he said. He acknowledged that it would cause problems for the world. “We’re seeing wildfires in California”, he said. “It makes Vermont look pretty good”.

    What the Governor is implying is that people displaced by wildfire ravaged areas like California may want to relocate, maybe to Vermont. This would be good for Vermont because we have population problem. We have a dwindling workforce, we have the majority of our working age people leaving this state to work elsewhere, we have people retiring and no workers to replace them. We need people to live here in VT and contribute to our society and economy. With fewer and fewer people living in VT – VT shrinking instead of growing – it becomes increasingly harder for those of us that choose to live here to carry the yoke. Yes we have climate and environmental issues, he recognizes these issues as well, he was not trying to belittle those issues via his comment, as I see it.

    Give the Governor’s inaugural speech a read:

    Best regards,
    Carl D. Lavallee II
    Weston, VT

  • Hello Carl,
    You make a very good point. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Great thoughts that should be considered when looking at all sides of an issue. I guess we missed it with this one.
    Best to you, as well,
    – Nancy Rae

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